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August in Cyprus means that the weather is hot, hot, hot. Making this the perfect time to stock up on hydrating goodies from Prinos Farm&Deli’s premium grocery. In fact, it’s important to stay as hydrated as possible during the heat of the summer. Why? Quite simply because without hydration, our brains and bodies just aren’t able to function at their best. So, whether you are spending the day at the beach with the kids, or staying in the city this season, read on to learn more about the importance of hydration in the summer.

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Why staying hydrated in the summer is important

 At the end of the day, our bodies are made up of 50-70% water, which means that every single organ, cell and tissue needs it to function. In fact, it is essential to our overall health and even survival. Being dehydrated – AKA not having enough water in the body – means that the body is unable to perform its normal functions.

And when we say normal functions, we mean almost everything that the body does! Such as transporting nutrients around the body, removing waste and toxins, helping to regulate blood circulation and body temperature, cushioning joints and protecting vital organs, supporting gut health and digestion, and improving mood, focus, memory and sleep.

But we all know it is easy to get dehydrated when the weather is so hot. This is because when the temperatures go up, our bodies lose more fluids through sweat and perspiration in an attempt to keep us cool. These fluids then need to be replaced in order for our body to function normally. When they are not replaced, the body can experience brain fog, fatigue, muscle craps and worse. It effects our brain functions, having a negative impact on thinking and cognition, as well as causing dizziness, constipation and nausea.

Which is why Prinos Farm&Deli have come up with eight clever and creative ways of staying hydrated this summer. Don’t worry it’s not all about drinking water and some of the suggestions can be found at our stores or e-shop. So, read on to learn our top summer hydration tips!

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How do you stay hydrated in the summer?

  1. Eat Plenty of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables: A surprising 20% of our water intake comes from actual food. And fruit and vegetables top the list when it comes to hydrating foods. Which is great in Cyprus because summer is all about succulent fruits, such as melon, peaches, strawberries, grapes. As well as healthy hydration packed vegetables and leafy greens. One of the best ways to stay hydrated, is also one of the easiest with Prinos Farm&Deli in town!
  1. Avoid Too Much Alcohol: Alcohol is a known diuretic which means that it actually causes you to become more dehydrated. So, its important not to substitute water with alcohol and stay vigilant on hot days while drinking. One great tip is to have a glass of water in between each drink and remember to drink a large glass before going to bed.
  1. Reduce Your Caffeine and Soda Intake: Caffeine and very sugary drinks both work in a similar way to alcohol in that they work to further dehydrate the body. These diuretics are packed full of ingredients such as sugar and sodium, that actually remove water from the bodies tissues. By reducing the amount of coffee or sodas we have per day, we’re giving the body a better chance at managing in the heat.
  1. Infuse with Fresh Flavours: Water doesn’t have to be boring and tasteless. In fact, there are plenty of creative ways to add flavour to your water, without being unhealthy. Consider peeling a cucumber inside a jug of water for freshness, or adding some fresh mint and squeezed lemon for an energising zing. A slice of orange is equally refreshing, or try crushing some grapes or antioxidant-rich pomegranate seeds into the water for a sugar free touch of sweetness.
  2. Make Homemade Iced Tea: Another great way of consuming more water without the boring taste is by brewing your favourite herbal tea and then pouring it over ice. Any of the Yogi Tea and herbal brews available at Prinos Farm&Deli make delicious iced tea. Add a slice of lemon or a couple of fresh herbs to make the perfect chilled summer drink to keep you cool and hydrated.

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  1. Consume More Probiotics: Probiotics are found in yogurt, kefir, airani and other cultured foods and amongst their many health benefits include improving the absorption of water in the body. They can also help with the symptoms of dehydration and are all round nutritional powerhouses. Learning more about what probiotics are and why they are so important is a great way to start. Then head to Prinos Farm&Deli and stock up this summer.
  1. Go Crazy with Coconuts: Coconuts aren’t only about the creamy sweet flesh of the fruit. The fluid inside these nutritional powerhouses are also packed full of electrolytes, which are essential when the body is dehydrated. Extremely refreshing, this nutrient rich fluid is also delicious – perfect straight from the fridge on a hot summers day
  1. Change it up With Fizzy Water: The one obvious way to stay hydrated that we haven’t mentioned, is of course by simply drinking more water. However, some of us struggle with this, finding water too tasteless, or boring. If this is you, why not try sparkling water instead! Add a slice of lemon for extra freshness and enjoy the refreshing sensation of the bubbles in your mouth!

 So, now that you have a better idea just how linked water, hydration and health really are, its time to prepare yourself for a summer of prime hydration! To stock up on hydrating foods and drinks, peruse our top quality Prinos Farm&Deli selection in-store in Nicosia or Larnaca, or via our e-shop today.