PRINOS farm & deli From humble beginnings as a small fruit stall in Larnaca in the late 90s, PRINOS farm & deli has since gone on to grow its brand presence and reputation across Cyprus; all while upholding the same ground-breaking concept that has helped the company maintain its innovative edge since its foundation.


To offer the Cyprus market a broad range of top-quality fresh produce from local goods produced by farmers here on the island, to some of the most exotic foods from around the world ever to be sold in Cyprus.

Keeping this value as the cornerstone of operations, PRINOS farm & deli moved into its own flagship store in Larnaca in the early 2000s, before expanding into Nicosia in 2007 with a new shop which would soon become the ‘go-to’ destination for customers in the capital looking for extra-ordinary ingredients and products that would meet the needs of their healthy lifestyles and wellness goals.

PRINOS farm & deli continues to prioritise health, nutrition and wellness to this day, offering one of the widest selections of fresh local fruits and vegetables, as well as top quality international meats, cheeses, charcuterie and delicatessen goods from around the world, and speciality lifestyle and wellness products.

A pioneer since the early days, PRINOS farm & deli is still driven by innovation today. In 2020 we launched our eshop, taking all the delights that have made the physical store so famous across Cyprus, into the digital world and right to your doorstop. Even more convenience for customers at the click of a button!


At PRINOS farm & deli, we believe that living well begins with eating good quality, healthy food. To this end, our mission is to provide our communities with the freshest ingredients and premium products needed to follow nutritionally rich, balanced diets and achieve the optimum physical and mental wellbeing.


Our vision is for the PRINOS farm & deli stores to become sanctuaries of wellness and longevity, known across Cyprus as the go-to destination for those seeking to get the best out of the food they consume. We want the PRINOS farm & deli brand to become synonymous with wellness beyond health; inspiring, helping and encouraging our communities to achieve all their culinary and wellness goals.


Safety and Honesty

Food safety and transparent operations are the fundamental values that run alongside everything that we do at PRINOS farm & deli. We are committed to having the strictest food safety protocols in place, as well as to providing honest operational assessments in order to establish and build trust with our valued customers.

Food Literacy

PRINOS farm & deli fully believes that a nutritious, balanced diet is the key to optimal physical and mental wellbeing and longevity. So, to help encourage a healthy and educated relationship with what we eat, as well as a better understanding of the impact our food choices have on our health, and the environment, we are dedicated to improving food literacy within our communities and providing produce that supports nutritional needs, as well as personal tastes, cultures and lifestyles.

Social Responsibility

PRINOS farm & deli is dedicated to alleviating the effects of poverty within our communities and helping to provide a better life for those less fortunate by promoting a healthy, balanced diet and improving civic knowledge around the topic of wellbeing through nutrition, as well as participating in charity work through local NGOs and public bodies. 

Environmental Conscience

PRINOS farm & deli is committed to reducing our environmental impact by adopting efficient operational procedures to minimise our carbon footprint, as well as providing environmentally friendly services and cooperating with organisations which are dedicated to protecting the environment.