It is very common for children to not like eating vegetables. Which leaves parents desperately asking ‘how can I get my kids to eat their greens’? And while it might seem easier to give in and just feed them easier meals with less veggies; our little ones need plenty of fresh vegetables to give their bodies the nutrients they need to grow and develop.

So, to help you figure out how to feed your children more vegetables, here are five top tips from Prinos, that will entice even the most stubborn and picky eaters out there.

 1. Hide vegetables in their favourite dishes

Kids usually have quite simple tastebuds and familiar foods are comforting to them. Use this to get your little ones to eat more veggies, by hiding the healthy ingredients inside their favourite meals and comfort foods. Think homemade pizzas topped with colourful veg or pasta sauces created with chopped up fresh

2. Serve them up with a healthy dip

According to multiple studies, children are more likely to eat their vegetables if they are served with a tasty sauce or dip to dunk in. This works for both raw and cooked vegetables, and before you start worrying about the sugar or salt contents in regular dips, try a homemade option, or stock up on some of our at Prinos like hummus, tzatziki or aubergine salad.

3. Make them look like something else

If your kids won’t eat vegetables that look like vegetables, try serving them in disguise. This will trick your little ones into consuming the good stuff without even realising it. Instead of fries, serve up vegetable chip sticks. In the place of rice, try giving your kids cauliflower rice and instead of pasta, get creative with zucchini noodles.

4. Blend or juice them

Using fresh produce such as avocado, spinach, beetroots or cucumber in a smoothie or   is a great way to get kids to consume more healthy fresh foods without them ever knowing. Just add sweeter fruits such as banana, apple or grape into the mix and the sweetness with overpower any the secret ingredients, so your little ones won’t even know they’re there.

5. Replace sugary treats with veggie alternatives

Did you know, healthy fresh products such as can all be used to replace the unhealthy ingredients in cakes, brownies and sweet dessert treats.  And the best bit? Your kids will be none the wiser. Try making sugar-free sweet potato brownies or a creamy dairy-free avocado chocolate mousse and you’ll have them begging for a second helping!

However, you decide to try and entice your children to eat more vegetables, first head to Prinos and get inspired by our wide range of fresh products and healthy accompaniments, or order online today.


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