There’s something undeniably comforting about a mouth-watering fondue session on a hot winter’s night. Whether you choose to fondue with cheese or with chocolate, both are an indulgent treat for the whole family to enjoy. And the only thing you need is a fondue set and whatever ingredients you want to use – all of which you will find at Prinos Farm&Deli.

Wondering what fondue is? Think cheese or chocolate melted in a communal cooking pot which is heated using a candle or small flame. Long-stemmed forks are then used to dip bite-sized ingredients into the into the melted mixture. Traditionally pieces of stale bread were used for dipping, but today you can get experimental and try fruit, meat, vegetables, or anything else you prefer. Anything goes when it comes to experimental eating and fondue.

When was fondue invented?

But what is the origin of fondue and when was this delicious, melted delicacy first introduced? The word fondue comes from the French term ‘fondre’, which translates as ‘to melt’. The dish itself first originated in Switzerland in the 17th and 18th centuries and was made using Swiss cheese. Historically it was a meal made by farm families to help make their cheese and bread last throughout the winter. Bread wasn’t baked very often in Switzerland at the time, so fondue was an excellent way of using the stale remains, while also softening it before eating it. Fondue wasn’t only enjoyed by the poor though. It was also enjoyed by the wealthy and became even more widely popular after a 1930s campaign by the Swiss Cheese Union to make it the national dish of Switzerland.

When thinking about what type of cheese is good for fondue, there is no fixed rules or standard recipe. However, most recipes call for Swiss cheeses that melt well such as Gruyère, Raclette or Emmentaler. Most cheese fondue recipes also include garlic and wine, with additional ingredients such as herbs, paprika, truffles, cayenne, nutmeg, and mustard often added. The fondue is often accompanied by potatoes, smoked meats or cold cuts and pickled onions.

The pot itself is traditionally called a caquelon and is especially designed to maintain the heat evenly throughout. Just make sure you never lode your chunk of bread in the fondue pot as this is considered bad luck in Switzerland and is usually associated with a penalty such as washing the dishes after the meal!

Fondue for the sweeter tooth

But is fondue only cheese? These days the tradition has evolved and those with a sweet tooth use chocolate instead of cheese for a more sugary fondue experience. Chocolate fondue first originated in a New York restaurant called Chalet Suisse in the early 1960s. However, the restaurant’s owner and patron was Swiss-born!

In our latest Prinos Farm&Deli recipe, we’ll be experimenting with a chocolate fondue recipe instead of a traditional cheese recipe. This recipe is perfect for enjoying communally, family style over the festive Christmas period. Gather you friends and family at home, pick your favourite dipping ingredients and have a fondue night that will leave a lasting impression! Read on for our suggested Prinos Farm&Deli ingredients and method!



  1. Start by setting up your Boska Fondue kit by adding a little bit of hot water to the bowl and lighting the fire to begin warming it up.
  2. Chop the chocolate into small pieces, then add it into the fondue bowl.
  3. Next add the cream into the fondue bowl in three stages – first add 150gr to help with the chocolate melting procedure. Then, when the chocolate is melted, add another 50gr to give a creamier texture. Finally, add the last 50gr when you are ready to start eating. This will help maintain the creamy texture.
  4. While the mixture is melting, it is time to prepare the accompaniments for dipping. Chop the fruit into bitesize pieces and break the biscuits and wafers. You can add anything you want to be dipped, including dry fruits and nuts, biscuits, cakes or even popcorn!
  5. Throughout the procedure, stir the mixture occasionally with a spatula to keep the fondue as creamy as possible from beginning to end.

Here we’ve shared a recipe for chocolate fondue, but don’t forget you can also use your fondue set to make cheese fondue recipes. Whether you choose sweet or savory, Boska fondue kits can be so much fun once you start experimenting! So, head down to Prinos Farm&Deli in Larnaca and Nicosia or visit our online e-shop today to pick up your fondue set and whatever dipping ingredients you like.