If you are wondering what to cook tonight, Arakas Laderos is an easy, healthy and delicious option. So, grab your reusable bags and head to Prinos Farm&Deli to pick up the ingredients.  Basically all you’ll need is peas, carrots and potatoes, and you’re ready to recreate this classic Greek dish at home.

Arakas Latheros is staple of the Greek diet and is bursting with both flavour and nutritional value. It is made by cooking peas, carrots, potatoes and herbs together in a rich olive oil and tomato sauce. The dish is also known as pizeli yiachni, or Greek style peas cooked with carrots and potatoes. Moreover, this delicious vegan meal only takes 10 minutes to prepare and 40 minutes of cooking time. In essence, it is the perfect, easy, one-pot meal for the whole family.

But first let’s find out more about this classic meal that has lasted the test of time. The word Arakas is the modern Greek word for peas, which we also call pizeli here in Cyprus. Meanwhile, latharos – from the Greek word ladera, meaning oily – refers to the fact that this dish uses generous amounts of olive oil. In fact, the term latharos refers to any type of dish made with vegetables cooked with olive oil and tomato.

In addition to all the previously qualities, Arakas Latheros is also extremely versatile. For instance, each time you make it, you can try adding different ingredients according to taste. Prinos Farm&Deli recommends experimenting with adding fennel seeds, cinnamon, honey or chili flakes for example. In the summer you can use fresh peas, while frozen peas are just as healthy, but much faster. This delicious comfort food is usually enjoyed as a main meal, rather than a side dish.

Apart from being mouth-wateringly delicious and boasting a long and interesting history, this traditional dish is also bursting with goodness and full of nutritional benefits. In fact, it provides four of our five recommended daily vegetables in one single meal. The main ingredient is peas and peas are known to pack a powerful nutritional punch despite their small size!

This underestimated little legume is extremely high in protein peas. In fact, peas are often used as a vegan protein substitute, and make a great addition to your diet if you are trying to eat more plant-based foods this year. These tiny powerhouses are also a great source of potent antioxidants such as Vitamin C, beta-carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin, as well as fibre, folate, iron and calcium. So not only are they great for maintaining a healthy digestive system, they are also anti-inflammatory and can help prevent chronic diseases such as heart disease and certain cancers.

Carrots are also packed full of beta-carotene and are a rich source of fibre, vitamin K, potassium and antioxidants. Known to be good for our vision, carrots are also extremely low in cholesterol so make a great low-fat ingredient for people looking to lose weight in a healthy way. Potatoes provide further antioxidants, as well as resistant starch fibre which is good for the gut and digestive tract.




  1. First heat 1/2 the olive oil in the pot and lightly sauté the chopped onion and the spring onions for 3-4 minutes until soft and slightly translucent.
  2. Next add the garlic and sauté on a low head for a couple of seconds or until fragrant.
  3. Now add the potatoes, carrots, peas, grated tomato, tomato paste and the salt and pepper and stir for around one minute, or until all ingredients are combined.
  4. Add just enough water to half cover the ingredients, then cover the pot and leave to simmer for 20 minutes.
  5. Finally add the remaining olive oil and the chopped dill and boil for a further 10 minutes, leaving the peas with only their oil.
  1. Serve up your delicious and healthy meal with some top-quality feta cheese and crusty fresh bread from the Prinos bakery to soak up any leftover sauce.

So, have we tempted you to try making your own version of Arakas Latheros? In case you’re missing any ingredients, head to Prinos Farm&Deli today, or visit our online store today!


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