Many of our Christmas customs and traditions revolve around food here in Cyprus. Which can be difficult for anyone following a healthy diet, but still wanting to get into the festive spirit and join in on the celebrations.

Read on to hear some of Prinos’ top tips on how to stay healthy this Christmas, without missing out on the traditional festive feasting.

  • Opt for Instead of Lamb or Pork: Souvla is an essential part of the festive culinary customs in Cyprus and Christmas wouldn’t be the same without the smell of barbeque wafting above the city. But to keep your souvla as healthy as possible this year, choose a leaner, healthier meat such as chicken instead of fattier lamb or pork. Marinating your meat before you cook it helps to reduce the formation of cancer causing heterocyclic amines (HCAs). And make sure you don’t burn it as this can also cause cell destruction and can even promote the generation of cancer cells.

  • Try a New Way of Cooking Your : Roast potatoes in the oven are a staple on the Christmas table in Cyprus. But they are often drenched in oil and can be very high in fat. Instead of roasting your potatoes this year, why not change it up and try different, healthier cooking methods, without sacrificing the ingredient itself. Mashed potatoes, boiled potatoes or even a healthy potato salad are all more nutritious, low-fat alternatives.
  • Eat all Your Greens: There are usually so many delicious things on the Christmas table that we overlook the healthy stuff such as the salads or the vegetables. This year, instead of skipping the and heading straight for the meat, pile your plate full of greens and salads to get your fill of nutrients before indulging in the rest.
  • Use Wholegrain or Spelt Pasta for Your Makaronia Tou Fournou: Wholegrain pastas are much less processed and thus healthier than their white alternatives. So swapping one of these products into your traditional Christmas dishes, will instantly make them a healthier option, without changing the taste. Another trick is to make your bechamel sauce vegan instead of using fatty daily products like milk and butter – we promise it tastes just as good!
  • Replace Your Soft Drinks with Fresh Juice: Soft drinks are packed full of sugar and chemicals. So this Christmas, replace the soft drinks with a r, or stock up on fresh fruits and spices and make your own festive hot fruit punch.
  • Make a Fresh Fruit Salad for Dessert: Christmas is all about the sweets, but instead of over-indulging on processed sugar this year, satiate your sweet tooth with a fresh fruit salad. You can order a custom made fruit salad from , or alternatively prepare your own with and seasonal ingredients from our stores.

Christmas indulgence doesn’t have to mean the end of your healthy eating. Instead of sacrificing this festive season, try out some of our healthy alternatives, available in store or online today.

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