photo with Natural sources of Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin)

Here at Prinos Farm&Deli, we are not only committed to bringing you a premium selection of foods, but we also want to support improved food literacy. Which means helping our community learn more about nutrition, health and wellbeing. And of course, how a balanced diet can contribute.

So, today we are learning about an essential nutrient found in many of the foods we eat, yet still deficient in many peoples diets. The nutrient in questions: Vitamin B12. You’ve probably already heard about this important powerhouse of a nutrient, but maybe you’ve been asking yourself ‘why do we need Vitamin B12 and what foods contain it?

To start with, this nutrient can’t be made by the body, which means we have to get our intake through our diet – or through supplements. People who eat a more plant-based diet are usually more aware of Vitamin B12, as it one of the nutrients that can be lacking in vegan and vegetarian meals. The amount that each person needs really depends on their age. Children and babies need much less B12 than grown adults, while pregnant and breastfeeding women are recommended to further increase their intake.

photo with foods to boost immune system - healthy, rich in vitamin and antioxidants

Why do you need Vitamin B12

Simply put, the body cannot function properly without Vitamin B12. But to explain in more detail, the reason this nutrient is important is because it helps with the creation of healthy red blood cells as well as nerve cells in the body. It also supports the formation of DNA – which is really the building block of every cell in the body). In addition is helps to support eye health and prevent the degeneration of the eyesight.

Not only is it great for the nervous system, but it’s also key for brain health, helping to support proper neurological function. As well as contributing to improved memory performance, B12 can also slow cognitive decline. And the benefits don’t stop there. B12 plays a key role in helping the body to transform food into energy. There have also been studies that link Vitamin B12 to reduced risk of depression and helping to produce serotonin in the body.

With all this in mind, it’s easier to see what might happen if you had a Vitamin B12 deficiency. This can lead to higher risks of depression and anaemia, as well as lower energy, and increased risk of eye and heart disease. But it’s not all bad. There are actually a wide range of different foods that provide a healthy daily dose of this nutrient – read on while we share some Vitamin B12 foods.

What foods do you get Vitamin B12 from?

  • Shellfish: Including Clams,
  • Milk and Dairy Products: Including plain yogurt and cheese
  • Eggs
  • Fish: Especially Sardines, Trout, Salmon and Tuna
  • Beef
  • Animal Liver and Kidneys: Especially from lamb
  • Fortified Cereals and non-dairy milks

So, now you know the Vitamin B12 benefits, it’s time to stock up on the foods that contain it. Checking your levels and making sure you are getting a recommended daily amount is important to avoid a Vitamin B12 Deficiency.

And Prinos Farm&Deli are here to help, with a wealth of options and selections for those looking to increase their intake of this important nutrient. So, head down to our stores in Nicosia or Larnaca today, stock up and make sure your diet is as healthy as it can be in 2023.