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It is now officially beach weather and Prinos Farm&Deli are ready to stock you up with premium snacks and tasty treats for a beautiful family day out by the sea. But when it comes to preparing a picnic for the beach, there are a couple of important factors to keep in mind. Obviously with the hot weather, staying hydrated while under the sun is extremely important. It’s also a good idea to bring foods and snacks that are convenient and easy to transport in the car or in your beach bag.

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And as a premium supermarket with a wide range of high-quality products, as well as the freshest local fruit and vegetables, Prinos Farm&Deli have got you covered. Whether you prefer juicy fruits that keep the family hydrated, or guilt-free snacks that are deliciously tasty but also healthy for you and your little ones. So, are you wondering what foods are good for the beach? Or what snacks to bring to the beach? Click on the link below and read our latest blog for some great ideas for health, kid-friendly food to pack for family day out at the beach!

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  1. Watermelon and Halloumi: Watermelon is almost entirely made of water which makes it extremely hydrating on hot summer days. The fruit is also packed full of nutrients such as Vitamins C and B5, as well as fibre, potassium, copper, antioxidants and beta-carotene (the latter of which is known to help protect the skin from the sun). Watermelon is great in hot weather, not only for its hydrating effect, but also because it helps to lower the blood pressure and Add in the halloumi, and you get an additional dose of sodium which makes this potent combination act a bit like a natural electrolyte. Did we mention its delicious and super easy to pre-cut in advance, making it a convenient option for a healthy beach snack!
  1. Healthy Crisps or Popcorn: We all know that crisps aren’t good for us. But what if we told you that Prinos Farm&Deli have some options that aren’t so bad. For starters, we’ve got delicious Eat Real lentil chips that are an enjoyable healthier alternative to standard snack. They’re made from real natural ingredients, with no added sugar artificial flavourings, colourings and preservatives. Another great snack option that is much healthier than crisps is popcorn, which is high in fibre, and contains antioxidants. In addition, popcorn can help reduce the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension, so it’s great in hot weather.
  1. Hard Boiled Eggs with cherry Tomatoes: When it comes to easy foods that pack a powerful health punch, eggs are one of the best options out there. Usually eaten at breakfast, the egg also makes a great snack to pack for the beach. Because once boiled, they’re so easy to pack and eat on the go. Eggs are extremely rich in protein, as well as iron, vitamins, minerals, and carotenoids. Meanwhile, cherry tomatoes are also an easy food to eat on the beach and go well with egg. Tomatoes are an excellent source of lycopene. This antioxidant, which is responsible for the bright red colour of the tomato may also play a role in protecting against sunburn.
  1. Cheese and Deli Cold Cuts Sandwiches: Taking a full platter to the beach might not be the best idea. However, you can bring a selection of the ingredients and create your own make shift deli platter on the go. Just grab your favourite cheese from our deli counter (we think that pre-sliced cheeses are a great option for the beach). Then pair it with some cold cuts for that extra kick of protein and you’ve got the ingredients for a simple sandwich that can either be made in advance or put together on the beach.
  1. Dips and Chopped Cucumber and Carrot: A great snack to prepare in advance, pack and eat easily on the beach is chopped up vegetables with a healthy dip such as hummus. Carrots are packed with Beta-Carotene which is a known sun protector for the skin, while cucumber has a super high water content, making it a perfect option for snacking under the sun. Add in a tasty dip from Prinos Farm&Deli, such as mouhamarra, hummus or tarama salad, and you’ve got a healthy snack the whole family can enjoy.
  1. Prinos Farm&Deli Fresh Bar Salads: Bringing pre-prepared food to the beach is always a good idea because you don’t have to do any of the work, but you get all the nutritional benefits. Such as Prinos Farm&Deli fresh bar salads. There are a great selection of different salads to choose from and they’re all packed full of delicious, healthy ingredients that will keep you full and also provide a nutritional boost while you are on the beach. If salad isn’t your thing, grab one of our tasty sandwiches before you head of to the sea. We’ve also got healthy fresh juices, as well as yogurt pots and fruit salads that both make healthy and easy-to-eat beach snacks.
  1. Rice Cakes With Peanut Butter and Banana: Children love peanut butter, so it makes for a great beach snack. It’s naturally sweet and salty, which means it can replace lost electrolytes. And the peanuts give it plenty of protein for little ones running around all day. And paired with sliced banana this snack is not only full of the goodness of the spread, but also the potent nutritional benefits and natural sugars of the fruit. These bites can be prepared ahead of time, or just pack the ingredients, bring a knife and make them fresh on the beach.

Of course, there are also certain foods that are particularly good to eat in hot weather or in a heatwave. As well as foods that should be avoided when sitting under the sun, such as very processed products full of salt or refined sugars. But now that you have a good list of suggestions to kick start your inspiration, come and visit us at Prinos Farm&Deli in Larnaca or Nicosia, or visit our e-shop today to stock up on tasty treats for your beach picnic this summer.