photo with Mediterranean Baked Salmon with Sun-Dried Tomato Couscous

At Prinos Farm&Deli, we are committed to providing our clients with the best selection of premium supermarket goods. Why? Because we want to make sure you have what you need to get a well-balanced diet. But also, to ensure you can get creative and experiment in the kitchen. Which is why we also like to share some of our favourite seasonal recipes. Such as this delicious recipe for Mediterranean inspired baked salmon fillets, paired with a delectable side of couscous flavoured with sun-dried tomatoes.

When it comes to the summer months, its good to eat light meals to keep the body cool and hydrated. And fish is the perfect option for a light meal that is also highly nutritious and deliciously tasty. Salmon in particular is a lovely versatile fish that is packed full of micronutrients, as well as high-quality protein. It’s also rich in Omega-3 which is a heart- and brain-healthy fatty acid that helps to reduce the risk of diseases such as heart disease and Alzheimer’s.

Low in calories, fat and carbohydrates, salmon is also a great source of Vitamins including Vitamin A, B12, B6 and D. Moreover, this tasty fish provides a number of important minerals such as calcium, zinc, selenium. Magnesium and potassium.  All of these nutrients make salmon beneficial for bone and heart health, as well as helping to improve thyroid function and protect against certain cancers.

Meanwhile, couscous is a perfect side dish to combine with salmon. Not only will it soak up all the additional flavours from the baking, but it is also a light, low-fat and healthy option. Made of semolina flour, couscous is super quick and easy to prepare. It also has a neutral flavour that means it pairs well with everything. High in fibre, selenium and plant-based protein, this versatile food is low in cholesterol and good for the digestive system. It also helps to lower blood sugar and reduce the risk of heart disease and certain cancers.

photo with couscous salad

So now that you have the low-down on this recipe’s many nutritional benefits, read on to learn just how to recreate this recipe in your own kitchen, using products from Prinos Farm&Deli’s shelves.




  1. First up, heat your oven to around 200°C.
  2. While the oven is heating up, grease an oven dish with olive oil, then place your defrosted salmon fillets inside the dish and marinade generously with olive oil, fresh lemon juice, fresh dill, salt, and garlic.
  3. Next finely chop the fresh rosemary and half of the parsley. Add them into the oven dish, along with the chopped fresh onion.
  4. Once the oven is heated, slice the tomato into full circles and place the pieces on top of the fillets before adding the whole dish into the oven to bake for 15-25 minutes.
  5. While the fish is cooking, put the couscous in a large bowl, add the stock cube then pour boiling water over the couscous until full covered. Cover the bowl and let sit for 10 minutes until the couscous is cooked.
  6. When the couscous has soaked up most of the water, add the chopped sundried tomato, the other half of the chopped parsley, olive oil and salt and pepper to taste.
  7. Remove the fish from the oven, checking it is done by making sure the inside is cooked through. Then serve up together with the couscous, as well as lemon zest and a sprinkle of parsley on top.